1995 Obvious Sexism & The Unfortunate Media
1998 Short Memory
2001 dismiss television
2005 Cynical Rat Bastard
2013 Flip City
2014 Mimico
2018 Isola

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Biographie de David Aaron

David was born in Mississauga, Canada, on the banks of mighty Lake Ontario.

He originally wanted to be an astronomer, but he sucked at math.

He’s short and colourblind and doesn’t seem to understand most things, but that doesn’t deter him from striving to achieve his mostly unattainable goals.

David’s varied accomplishments have included being booed off the stage at The Apollo Theater, has strolled across the stage of The Metropolitan Opera in the role of a soldier in the Egyptian army in Aida, as well as being a proud recipient of the auspicious, “Chartered Insurance Professional”, through the Insurance Institute of Canada (Mohawk College/Fennell Campus).

He’s been thrown out of an afrobeat group for “not being African enough”, came in second in the great spelling bee of 1792 and has solid proof that he was reincarnated after having been killed as an 11-year old Polish boy in World War II.

He has also played Minton’s Playhouse, The Bottom Line, Lincoln Center and CBGB’s, but those were all many years ago.

Accolades from esteemed saxophone teachers include high praises such as, “That’s the worst saxophone playing I’ve ever heard in my life!”, “I just don’t understand how your mind works.” and his mentor’s sage advice of, “Well, you’re not really a saxophone player and can’t really play with other people. Perhaps you should just play solo”.

David’s playing has been compared to everyone from Coleman Hawkins (sacrilege!) to Ian Drury (!?!) and a major mafia don in Queens even once compared him to “a young Bill Clinton”.

As of this moment, he’s undecided as to whether he wants to be a pop singer, a playwright, a poet, a punk rocker, a saxophonist or a housewife.

He’ll keep thinking on it…