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David Aaron-tenor & soprano saxophone
David Gould-drums & toys
Nick Panoutsos-bass

Music composed by DA
Recorded, mixed and mastered out back where the horse used to live by Hugo Dwyer

Cover art by David Gould
Cover layout & design by Daveed Flexer 

“I’m Done Here” for Dee Pop

©2022 Short Memory Records

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Dark and groovin’ explorations into classic rhythm & blues, jazz and soul


Free In-store performance

Downtown Music Gallery
13 Monroe St., NYC

Flip City

David Aaron-saxophone
Nick Panoutsos-bass
David Gould-drums & toys

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“It’s a young tenor with a yen to skronk but enough savvy to keep melody on a tight leash”

Village Voice

NEW – “Forgotten EP” Just added

Now available on Amazon Prime, “Under Spanish Skies” (Before El Fina). 

A reclusive artist invites old friends to her farm in Spain and tells them of a suicide pact she had with her deceased husband. In the next 48 hours, to save her, the friends must reveal secrets from the past that could cause her to change her mind.

Music composed by Giovanni Spinelli. 

Sax solo by David Henry Aaron. 

Film festivals: Milan, Berlin, Boston, NYC, Montreal, Fayetteville.

the widow a film by eva depoorter | david aaron   saxophone