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upfront sometimes

a film by gina galway | music by d.a. (from the album, "mimico")

d.a.-soprano saxophone | will mcevoy-bass | dave gould-drums

music recorded, mixed and mastered by hugo dwyer

Live gigs

David Aaron Live




Text by Oscar Wilde & Lady Jane Wilde
Music by David Aaron

Monday October 30th, 6pm
Cornelia Street Cafe Underground
29 Cornelia Street, NYC

$20 admission (includes $10 minimum)

Reservations recommended: 212-989-9319

Kari Swenson Riely as Lady Jane Wilde
David Aaron-saxophones
Megan Shumate Beaumont-clarinet
Will McEvoy-bass
Dave Gould-drums

Born on April 2nd, 1857, Isola Wilde was born the daughter of Lady Jane Wilde and Sir William Wilde. She was the sister of William & Oscar Wilde. She was constantly referred to as "the pet of the house" and it was said that she lit up their lives like "a golden ray of sunshine dancing about the home".

On February 23rd, 1867, two months before her 10th birthday, Isola died of "a sudden effusion on the brain". The whole family was devastated and Oscar, who was 12 at the time, was haunted by his sister's death throughout his entire life.

This performance will be followed by a short set by Flip City (DA, Will McEvoy and Dave Gould).


Isola - Megan Shumate Beaumont-clarinet

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David Aaron
(tenor and soprano saxes)
Will McEvoy (bass)
Dave Gould (drums)

A hard-steamin', obtuse jazz unit. Lots of confusion and disregard for instruction, but with clear intention.


Flip City Mimico
Listen to the track Mamihlapinatapai from Mimico
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In Canada: Soundscapes Grigorian
Or Daveed Flexer


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