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Live gigs

David Aaron Live

Gilda Radner's Birthday &
Release of MIMICO by Flip City

Flip City - Mimico
WhyNot Jazz Room

Sunday June 28th, 10pm

14 Christopher Street, NYC

$10 cover

Flip City
David Aaron (tenor and soprano saxes)
Will McEvoy (bass)
Dave Gould (drums)

A hard-steamin', obtuse jazz unit. Lots of confusion and disregard for instruction, but with clear intention.

Sign up and I'll let you know when I'm playing next.

Watch for a NEW Flip City Release early 2015!

FLIP CITY - The 1st Album.

David Aaron-tenor saxophone
Will McEvoy-bass
Kate Jamison Gentile-drums



david aaron-tenor saxophone
rob ritchie-guitar, vocals
greg ritchie-drums, vocals
matt wigton-bass, vocals



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Why Music Recording
Is Going Stronger Than Ever

By Brent Butterworth | December 2, 2014

You may be thinking, "Sure, those guys can put this together because they're already successful musicians. What about the musicians who are on their way up?" But the music that saxophonist David Aaron sent me proves a great recording can be made by any musician with the drive to make one.

While Aaron does play gigs with pop and rock bands, his own music has a free-jazz, avant-garde bent that he's never compromised for the sake of a buck. Yet for the last 15 years or so, he's managed to make and release high-quality recordings. The one he recently sent me, recorded by engineer Hugo Dwyer in Aaron's living room, with his jazz trio Flip City, captivated me not only with the performance (honed by playing innumerable gigs in small New York City jazz clubs), but by the recording, which has an intimacy I love and all the audiophile twists I crave, including rock-sold imaging, accurate tonality and an enveloping soundstage. Be forewarned: This ain't Kind of Blue. But the fact that such challenging, non-commercial music can be recorded and distributed just helps prove my point.



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