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Live gigs

David Aaron Live


Sunday Dec. 21st 7-9:30pm (2 sets)

Why Not Experiment?

Why Not Jazz Room
14 Christopher St., NYC
no cover

Flip City
David Aaron (tenor and soprano saxes)
Will McEvoy (bass)
Dave Gould (drums)

An odd unit, lots of confusion and disregard for instructions, but with clear intention.

Flip City

Sign up and I'll let you know when I'm playing next.

Watch for a NEW Flip City Release early 2015!

FLIP CITY - The 1st Album.

David Aaron-tenor saxophone
Will McEvoy-bass
Kate Jamison Gentile-drums



david aaron-tenor saxophone
rob ritchie-guitar, vocals
greg ritchie-drums, vocals
matt wigton-bass, vocals



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All About Jazz

Halifax November 01, 2012 Music » Music Feature

Jazz hands Improv at The Khyber makes a triumphant return, promising a night of exciting, one time only sounds.

Letting go takes courage. In 2000, with the support of JazzEast and the Canada Council for the Arts, jazz saxophonist David Aaron brought improv to the Khyber. Born in Toronto but based in New York, Aaron conducted quirky open performances with no set lists or prepared repertoires by local and international musicians. Eventually, he handed over the baton to jazz bassist Lukas Pearse. Until now.



David Arron in Halifax
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