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Live gigs

David Aaron Live



Words by Oscar Wilde
& Lady Jane Wilde

Music by David Aaron

Saturday September 24th, 6pm

Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street, NYC
$10 cover + $10 minimum

Born April 2nd, 1857, Isola Francesca Emily Wilde was considered to be the "pet of the house" with "fine eyes" and "a most acute intellect". When their "golden ray of sunshine" and "most loveable, hope-giving child" was snatched away too early on February 23rd, 1867 (of meningitis), she brought the family a "sadness and bitter sorrow that never can be healed". 

Erin Soler as Lady Jane Wilde 
David Aaron-saxophones
Megan Shumate Beaumont-clarinet
Marie McAuliffe-piano
David Gould-drums

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David Aaron
(tenor and soprano saxes)
Will McEvoy (bass)
Dave Gould (drums)

A hard-steamin', obtuse jazz unit. Lots of confusion and disregard for instruction, but with clear intention.


FLIP CITY - The 1st Album.



david aaron-tenor saxophone
rob ritchie-guitar, vocals
greg ritchie-drums, vocals
matt wigton-bass, vocals


Flip City Mimico
Listen to the track Mamihlapinatapai from Mimico
on our jukebox below

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Mimico Flip City

(Short Memory) by John Pietaro

Flip City is a trio comprised of saxophonist David Aaron, bassist Will McEvoy and drummer Dave Gould, each frequently heard on the NYC free jazz circuit in a variety of ensembles. On Mimico, their sophomore release, the band delves into thick tapestries of sound, which, more often than not, bring to mind a much larger ensemble.

Some of the works presented here have composed sections but the overall effect is one of a thoughtful, multi-part free improvisation, dramatic and compelling. Aaron's presence on both tenor and soprano is equally forceful, with long-held, arcing phrases commanding the atmosphere like a tugboat's call tearing through a thicket of fog. Just when you feel he will resolve some of his strained melismata, he doesn't. McEvoy offers strong statements as well, crafting lines of artful tone, intense counterpoint and carefully plotted supportive work. And Gould is a champion of the timpani mallet, rolling over (what seems to be) an extended kit including various metal and wooden surfaces, creating pulsing, at times burning patterns, which rarely move out of mezzoforte and really thrive at much softer levels. Flip City are master listeners, something not always engaged in by champions of the shock of the new.

The drama inherent in this slower, sometimes pensive brand of free music is further accentuated by the credits, which inform us that opener "Upfront Sometime" was inspired by works of Oscar Wilde. To a more contemporary point, "Your Response" is dedicated to Aimee Goodman, host of the celebrated left activist radio program Democracy Now!, its title based on Ms. Goodman's frequent retort to guests after she's hit them with tough commentary. And it all seems fitting as Flip City, if in a less direct manner, challenges listeners.


David Arron in Halifax
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